1. Who is funding the study?
The study has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the Greenwall Foundation.
2. Should I expect any benefits from participating in the study?
There is no financial compensation for participating in the study. However, sharing your perspectives and experiences might help advance the conversation about aid-in-dying in Vermont.
3. What does participation entail?
Participation entails an hour long recorded interview at an agreed-upon location.
4. How will my privacy be protected?
Once we transcribe the interviews, all personal information is removed. This generally includes all personal names, institution names, and names of towns and other geographical landmarks. We also work hard to remove any contextual information that could be identifying, such as one’s unique professional role or position within an institution.
5. What is your stance on physician aid-in-dying?
We do not advocate for or against aid-in-dying. Instead, we are interested in the way legislating AID shapes end-of-life care and cultural perceptions of death and dying.